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Would Your Team Go to War for You?

Recently, I was conducting 360 feedback interviews for a client. In describing him, one of his peers said, “He’s smart and very driven. His team knows how good he is, but they wouldn’t go to war for him…know what I mean?” In fact, I did know what he meant. One of the most common causes of career derailment is the inability to lead a team. Often, a strong individual contributor can earn his or her way into a senior role based on the quality of work. Having formal authority over a group of people may force them to execute on your orders. However, the influence that accompanies real leadership is derived from much more than a big title. Every great leader has several sources of power – personal traits and behaviors that inspire loyalty and commitment. This source of power can be in any or several of the following areas: Vision – The ability to create and communicate a compelling vision of what the organization can become and how it can get there is one of the most essential characteristics of strong leadership. Trust – Team members must trust the leader to make good decisions on behalf of the team […]

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Why Hasn’t That Headhunter Called Me Back?

Samantha was fed up. Her job was frustrating and her supervisor was uninspiring. Then one day a recruiter called with the job of her dreams. 10 minutes into the conversation, Samantha could see herself in a bigger office, making double her current salary, and working for the boss of her dreams. “I’m very interested!” she told the recruiter. And she began the process of interviewing for her dream job. Ten interviews and four months later, Samantha was certain this job was hers. She had bonded with the recruiter, who called her regularly and coached her through the long interview process. She had met with multiple people at the hiring company and she thought things went well. But several weeks had gone by since her last meeting and she hadn’t heard any news. When she called the recruiter for an update, he didn’t return her calls. Like most people, Samantha didn’t fully understand the top 10 things every manager should know about working with executive recruiters. 1-Executive recruiters work for client companies, not individuals. Despite how friendly and understanding the recruiter is, he is not an objective player. The recruiter’s time and attention will go to the candidate most likely to […]

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The Targeted Search: 5 Best Practices to Find and Attract the Right Talent for Your Business

When initiating an executive search, we often ask clients to describe the perfect candidate. We frequently hear descriptions like, “I’m looking for a young Steve Jobs,” or “We’d love someone like Meg Whitman, but earlier in her career.” But when pressed, clients are not always able to determine the underlying characteristics that led such luminaries to their long- term success. How do you know if a candidate is right when all you have is a resume and a few hours of interviewing as evidence? Do you need to interview hundreds of candidates in order to find the right one? How can you be certain that your process will find the best possible hire? Large or small, companies with effective hiring practices bring the following qualities to their recruiting: Self-Knowledge: The successful hiring manager understands the company and the individual department/division this potential leader will supervise. Self-knowledge includes not only strategic imperatives, but also organizational culture and interpersonal dynamics. Is the industry undergoing any changes that may impact this role? Who are the key stakeholders that this leader will interact with? The more you can realistically assess the environment, the better you will be able to identify a fit. Alignment: Your […]

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