Inclusive Leadership Workshops

In the wake of the country’s unprecedented social justice movement and renewed interest in diversity in the workplace, managers are in need of advice and support in communicating with their teams regarding the Black experience, as well as issues of unconscious bias for all people of color. For 10 years, The Lawrence Advisory has been providing leadership consulting services to clients with a focus on coaching, diversity, equity and inclusion, recruiting, and organizational development. These workshops leverage our proprietary data, observations, and experience to deliver useful tools in building a culture of inclusivity.

We offer two workshops which are customized based on the participants:

Team/Departmental Workshop

This session is designed for team members within one department. The workshop introduces issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion with an emphasis on taking full responsibility for the influence each employee has over their work environment. Through the introduction of specific tools and practices, managers will develop skills for increasing inclusivity in their immediate work culture.

Senior Leadership Workshop

Designed for senior leadership, this workshop focuses on how organizations can operationalize their DEI goals.

  • Material presented includes information from actual (but anonymous) 360 feedback reports, recruiting candidate assessments, and performance reviews across sectors for both white employees and employees of color. Observations on how leadership decisions impact outcomes for employees of color will be addressed.
  • Specific recommendations on practices leaders can adopt to change culture and outcomes will be addressed, along with facilitation of a collaborative group discussion.