We believe that creating an inclusive and equitable work environment is a change management exercise that cannot be accomplished with a single workshop or seminar. Inclusive leadership is a practice, requiring commitment from senior leadership to drive change and hold the organization accountable. This includes not only revision of policies but the development of awareness and skills to address systemic bias. Our program is designed to ignite, facilitate, and support this process.

Assessment: Our consultants can assess the current environment with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and make recommendations regarding policies, norms, and plans that move the organization towards equity.

Inclusive Leadership Workshops: Designed for leaders, this 2 hr workshop focuses on how organizations can operationalize their DEI goals. The program includes data and case studies from our extensive experience putting DEI goals into practice and focuses on developing awareness of each leader’s ability to affect change within their department and the organization overall.

Allyship Training: Designed for all levels of the organization, Allyship training is a 2 hr workshop with the following goals:

  • Provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for white employees to ask questions and explore their own thoughts and feelings with respect to race in the workplace
  • Begin the work of visualizing what an inclusive workplace looks and feels like
  • Identify specific actions they can take to create this culture of inclusivity

Coaching for Inclusive Leadership: One-to-one or small group coaching provides leaders with ongoing support as the move towards operationalizing their DEI plans. Our coaches are trained and experienced in supporting senior leaders in increasing awareness of systemic bias and developing real time solutions to workplace DEI issues.

Coaching for Diverse Employees: Individual and small group coaching for diverse employees provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment for participants to address the unique challenges they face in the workplace.