Coaching is one of the most effective ways for senior executives to grow professionally. The coaching process involves asking probing, reflexive questions and several other forms of facilitation in order to support the executive in reaching his/her goals. In addition, 360 feedback or individual assessment tools are useful in this process. Ideally, this learning will continue far beyond the end of the engagement and creates a leader who possesses the tools for self-development on an on-going basis.

Recent Engagements by Sector:

Entertainment and Media
  • SVP Progamming
  • SVP Research (multiple)
  • VP Research
  • EVP Ad Sales
  • SVP Ad Sales (multiple)
  • SVP Sales (multiple)
  • Director Sales
  • VP Development (multiple)
  • SVP Development (multiple)
  • SVP Finance
  • VP Finance
  • Creative Director
  • President
  • EVP Marketing and Business Development
  • SVP Marketing
  • SVP Targeted Marketing
Financial Services
  • CEO (multiple)
  • SVP Business Development (multiple)
  • Director of Marketing
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Senior Operations Officer
  • Compliance and Operations Associate
  • Architect and Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Analyst (multiple)
  • Senior Trader
  • Senior Marketing Associate
  • Director of Institutional Investments (multiple)
  • Director of Client Service
  • Ad Sales (multiple)
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Principle, IT Consulting Firm (multiple)
  • SVP eCommerce
  • General Manager
  • VP Information Technology (multiple)
  • VP, Gaming

Case Study:

Nile Capital Group: Nile Capital Group is a sector-focused, operationally-oriented private equity firm specializing in providing capital and services to talented, boutique, niche, and diverse asset managers of superior growth potential. CEO Mel Lindsey hired The Lawrence Advisory at the firm’s inception out of recognition of the importance of human capital strategy to delivering investment performance. Our work with Nile Capital Group has included leadership coaching of the firm’s CEO and senior team, recruiting for portfolio companies, facilitation of leadership retreats, and coaching for portfolio companies.

C-Suite Coaching:

Our C-suite coaching practice emphasizes identification and development of the unique capabilities, innate talents, and authentic leadership profile of the executive. Often, the skills the leader has demonstrated that resulted in her rise to the highest position in an organization are different from the competencies required to be a chief executive. C-suite leaders must develop these new skills on the job and under pressure, with little direct feedback in the process.

Our coaching program works with the client to identify her unique leadership strengths, along with uncovering limiting beliefs and opportunities for development. We begin with the assessment process in order to develop heightened self-awareness and determine overall goals for coaching. Using coaching inquiry, in-person 360 feedback meetings with stakeholders, and individual assessment tools, we dive deeply into the real identity of the leader, examining her outlook, skills, and how she is experienced by others. We explore how she is best able to work in her “zone of genius,” and identify required shifts in behavior, perspective and competencies that will benefit both the leader and the organization. Organizational issues such as culture, business challenges and strategic imperatives are important contextual factors throughout this process. The result is a self-aware leader at the helm of a high-functioning organization.

Tracy has been a terrific thought partner, and has helped me restructure our team for growth. Her extensive background and operating experience allowed her to immediately understand our business issues. She brings a strategic but practical approach to her consulting and coaching work. We couldn’t have reached this level without her help!

Bryan Abell CEO, Oasis Productions

“Rarely do you have the opportunity to work with a consultant who has actual experience implementing the things she/he is advising you do to. In Tracy, you have someone who has actually run organizations, dealing with the issues for which she now provides counsel.I treasure the action oriented focus that Tracy brings to every conversation, whether an executive coaching assignment or one dealing with organization design and/or effectiveness. She is truly unique in what she does, because of who she is and what she has accomplished.”

Kiko Washington EVP Human Resources – Warner Bros.

“Tracy has been an excellent leadership coach for the senior team at Nile Capital, and has also consulted with one of our portfolio companies. She understands the complexities of leadership, and has been extremely helpful in guiding us to prioritize critical issues that impact growth and profitability. Tracy is a highly skilled and effective consultant, coach, and recruiter. “

Mel Lindsey CEO, Nile Capital

“Tracy Lawrence has a deep and relevant set of experience and skills to assist firms in navigating complex human resource situations. I credit her with helping me become a better manager.”

Gary Baierl Chief Investment Officer, Strategic Global Advisors