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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Manager Should Adopt –

Tracy Lawrence of The Lawrence Advisory Offers the Key Positive Solutions for a Changing Workplace Citing a passion for creating a positive work environment and motiving individuals to maximize their greatest

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How #MeToo Has Affected the Workplace with Tracy Lawrence

Society is changing as it always has throughout the millennia. The difference now, however, is the speed at which the changes are coming are faster than ever. How are we supposed

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Would Your Team Go to War for You?

Recently, I was conducting 360 feedback interviews for a client. In describing him, one of his peers said, “He’s smart and very driven. His team knows how good he is, but

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Why Hasn’t That Headhunter Called Me Back?

Samantha was fed up. Her job was frustrating and her supervisor was uninspiring. Then one day a recruiter called with the job of her dreams. 10 minutes into the conversation, Samantha

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