For over a decade, we have provided strategic advisory services to clients across the spectrum of industries, including financial services, entertainment and media, nonprofits and cultural institutions, and Fortune 500 corporations. Our business is characterized by deep, long-standing client relationships. Recent consulting engagements have included:

  • Human Resources Policy Audit, Los Angeles Cultural Institution: Conducted a comprehensive review of HR policies and practices, including compensation and performance management. Made recommendations for changes with an eye towards equity.
  • Strategic Planning: Designed and implemented a strategic planning process for an entertainment and media organization
  • Business Scaling Plan: Development of comprehensive scaling plan for a financial services firm which had received an infusion of cash from a new investor. Process included organizational design, workflow analysis, hiring plan, roles and responsibilities, and culture.
  • Executive Education: Company specific training and development program
  • Change Management: Shifting organizational culture towards accountability, innovation, and inclusion


Case Study

Emma Bowen Foundation: The Emma Bowen Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides internships to college students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a career in entertainment and media. In its 30-year history, EBF has provided internships to over 1300 students. The Lawrence Advisory has been engaged to manage Launch, EBF’s program that supports college seniors entering the workforce. This year-long program includes self-assessment, practical job-hunting skills training, and on-going coaching for approximately 65 students across the country.